List of Songs for Dancing the Ballroom Foxtrot

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Playlist of Foxtrot Music

Introduction to the Foxtrot and to Foxtrot Music

Named after its inventor, entertainer Harry Fox, the foxtrot was first developed in the United States in the 1920’s.  The foxtrot is often associated with the style of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.  Behind the waltz, the foxtrot is the second most popular ballroom dance. The foxtrot and the waltz are similar in many ways and they share many figures.  They are both smooth dances that travel along a line of dance in a counterclockwise fashion around the ballroom floor.  The long walking movements of the foxtrot involve a subtle rise and fall action.  In proper character, the foxtrot is characterized by smooth long strides that make the couple appear as if they are floating on air.  The long walking movements involve leg and body swing.  The turning movements in foxtrot are similar to those of the Waltz, but with more moderate rise and fall, and with more length-wise action.

The foxtrot is typically danced to big band swing-style music written in 4/4 time (four beats to a measure).  The stardard tempo for International Style Foxtrot is 112-120 beats/minute (28-30 bars or measures per minute).  The standard tempo for the American Style Foxtrot is 120-136 BPM or 30-34 bars/minute. Thus for a tempo of about 116-124 beats/minute, dancers of both styles of foxtrot should be satisfied. Please note that in ballroom dancing, having the correct music tempo is critically important. It becomes difficult to dance the foxtrot in correct form and character if the music has a tempo outside of the ranges listed.

Foxtrot uses a combination of slow steps, which use two beats of music, and quick steps, which use one beat of music. In proper character and among advanced dancers, the dance exhibits long walking steps, is smooth and flowing, and has gentle rise and fall. In contrast, beginners tend to dance with short, tentative bouncy steps. The correct expressive character of foxtrot is as if taking a pleasant walk through the park.  Whereas the expressive character of waltz is soft and romantic, the character of foxtrot is more playful.

No. Title Artist BPM Amaz Code iTunes Code
1 Any Old Time  Artie Shaw  113
2 I Cover The Waterfront  Artie Shaw  100
3 Out of Nowhere  Artie Shaw  119
4 Small Fry  Artie Shaw  113
5 What’s New  Artie Shaw  120
6 Dancing In The Dark  Barry Manilow  121
7 Miles Away  Basia 114
8 Moonglow  Benny Goodman Quartet  105
9 Leave A Tender Moment Alone  Billy Joel 110
10 Lonely Road  Bobby Darin  108
11 Moon Glow  Bolling/Grappelli  106
12 Penthouse Serenade  Claude Blouin  119
13 September In The Rain  Dinah Washington  109
14 Nights  Ed Bruce  111
15 A Fine Romance  Ella Fitzgerald  120
16 All of You  Ella Fitzgerald  119
17 All The Things You Are  Ella Fitzgerald  111
18 My Heart Belongs To Daddy  Ella Fitzgerald  108
19 Night and Day  Ella Fitzgerald  117
20 The Frim Fram Sauce  Ella Fitzgerald  104
21 They Can't Take That Away From Me  Ella Fitzgerald  100
22 Can't We Be Friends  Ella Fitzgerald /Louis Armstrong 112
23 Anything Goes  Frank Sinatra  120
24 Come Fly with Me  Frank Sinatra  135
25 Fly Me to the Moon  Frank Sinatra  119
26 I Love You  Frank Sinatra  123
27 I've Got the World on a String  Frank Sinatra  124
28 I've Got the World on a String  Frank Sinatra  122
29 I've Got the World on a String  Frank Sinatra  122
30 Love and Marriage  Frank Sinatra  111
31 The Best is Yet to Come  Frank Sinatra  109
32 The Way You Look Tonight  Frank Sinatra  133
33 Theme From "New York, New York"  Frank Sinatra  109
34 Under My Skin  Frank Sinatra  126
35 Why Should I Cry Over You?  Frank Sinatra  118
36 Witchcraft  Frank Sinatra  116
37 Witchcraft  Frank Sinatra  116
38 Beyond The Sea  George Benson 112
39 Kissing the Girls  Gunter Noris  119
40 Love Dreams  Gunter Noris  119
41 Love Under the Stars  Gunter Noris  112
42 That Old Feeling  Louis Armstrong  110
43 Let There Be love  Nat King Cole  119
44 Walkin’ My Baby Back Home  Nat King Cole  112
45 An Occasional Man  Sarah Vaughan  121
46 I Got the World on a String  Sarah Vaughan  105
47 I Got Rhythm Gold Star Ballroom Orchestra 115
48 I'll Be Home for Christmas Gold Star Ballroom Orchestra 112
49 Night & Day Gold Star Ballroom Orchestra 115
50 Theme from The Pink Panther Gold Star Ballroom Orchestra 116
51 Unforgettable Gold Star Ballroom Orchestra 112
52 She Belongs to Me Harry Connick Jr. 103
53 Call Me Irresponsible Michael Buble 108
54 Have I Told You Lately That I Love You (with Naturally 7) Michael Buble 115
55 I've Got the World on a String Michael Buble 105
56 Nice 'N Easy (Studio) Michael Buble 115
57 Summer Wind Michael Buble 127
58 You Make Me Feel So Young Michael Buble 130
59 You've Got A Friend In Me Michael Buble 112

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